The Coalition for an Ethical Psychology is dedicated to putting psychology on a firm ethical foundation in support of social justice and human rights. The Coalition has been in the lead of efforts to remove psychologists from torture and abusive interrogations.

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Signers to the Call for Annulment of the APA's PENS Report


Individual Signers (Continued)

Note: Affiliations that appear below are for identification purposes only

Doris Dietze, PhD,clinical psychology, Retired. Formerly Veterans Administration, Seattle WA

Deb Bales, Ashland OR

Jose Martinez, Ph.D., U of Mary Hardin Baylor, Temple TX

Michael Wiley, MSW, Medical Social Worker, E-8 USN (Ret), Whitmore CA

Rene Grypma, M Clin Psych,, Registered Psychologist in Australia, Adelaide South Australia, Australia

Diane Timko, M.A., IL Public Schools, Homewood IL

Laura Nunn, MA Counsleing Psychology NM

Harvey Kaiser, MFA / Music Therapy, Ulster County NY B. O. C. E.S., High Falls NY

Deborah Belle, Ed.D., Boston University Department of Psychology, Cambridge Massachusetts

Christine Park, Nashville Tennessee

Daniel Jordan, PhD, Licensed psychologist, Oxnard CA

Pamela Aasen, Ph.D, Retired psychologist, Minneapolis MN

William Holcomb, MSEd; retired Special Education teacher of emotionally disturbed children, Tryon NC

Thomas Meiring, Ph.D., Mental Health Counseling, InnerView Behavioral Care (MBHC, Inc.), TOLEDO United States

Jeffry Moe, Ph.D., Counselor Education & Supervision, University of Houston-Victoria, Houston Texas

Patti Grant, Clinical Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, CAMFT, Riverside CA US

Susan Perretti, BA, English - writer and editor, Setauket, United States

Leslie McTyre, Psychologist/Political Scientist in Peacekeeping, McLean, VA

Bruce Barry, NY

Robert Schwebel, PhD, Clinical Psychology, author and developer of The Seven Challenges, Tucson, AZ

Johni Prinz, Ocean Shores, WA

George Harris, PhD, psychologist, Kansas City, MO

Pam Burris, retired university administrator, Stony Brook University, Mt. Sinai, NY

Michelle Narciza, Psychology, Houston, TX

Michele Reimer, PhD, Psychology, Swarthmore College, Wynnewood, PA

Mary Whitmore, former nurse, presently Engineering Technician, Washington State Patrol, Lynnwood Washington

Tim Malone, Master of Social Work, LCSW, Geriatric Psychiatry, Deschutes County Human Services, Oregon, Bend Oregon

Hannah Buck, England

John Goff, Ph.D., Private Practitioner, Tuscaloosa Alabama

Kevin Young, BA Psychology, MA in School Counseling in progress, Ball State University, Muncie IN

Mark Hammel, Ph.D., Psychologist, Woodstock New York

Jane Tucker, Ph.D., New York University Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, New York NY

Maria Castro, doctoral degree in clinical psychology, London UK

Laura Borst, Houston Texas

Maryjo Gavin, Ph.D. Rehabilitation Psychologist, Detroit Medical Center, Toledo Ohio

Janice Flahiff, Master's of Library Science, Toledo Ohio

Anne Marie Abowd, BA in English and French, Toledo, Ohio Ohio

Bruce Bennett, Ph.D., CEO APA Insurance Trust (Retired), Potomac MD

Catherine Philpot, Dr, University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia

Jeffery Klein, Toledo Ohio

Peter Hockley, State registered nurse/ Operating dept. Practitioner, SCUM, Brighton UK

Floyd Rudmin, PhD, Professor of Social & Community Psychology|, University of Tromso (Norway), Tromso Norway

Francisco Villegas, PhD Associate Professor, York College - CUNY, Brooklyn NY

Bob Witmer, PhD in General Experimental Psychology, Retired from US Army Research Institute, Gainesville Florida

Patrica Williams, Doctor of Education, Ed. D., Certified Library Media Specialist, Marietta GA

Sol Metz, Ann Arbor Michigan

Eric Bagai, Psychology and Special Education, M.A.; Publisher., Physicians for Social Responsibility, Sunnyvale CA

Mario Núñez, doctor in psychology, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Puerto Rico

Anil Ustunel

James Peck, Psy.D., Private Practice, Marina Del Rey CA

Tobias Dolberg, MSc Psychology, Univ. Otago, Dunedin New Zealand

Judith Powell, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, APA (DIV 35 & 44), NCPA, Raleigh, USA

Sam Klugman, Rutgers University Graduate School of Applied & Professional Psychology, Brooklyn NY

Sarah Sharma, Psychology, Bristol UK

Marilyn Turner, Ph.D./Clinical Psycholgy, St. Louis Missouri

Daniel Perez, MS, OD, Human & Organizational Development, San Jose California

Doug Magnuson, Ph.D, Educational Psychology, SPSSI, Victoria, BC

Michael Parent, M.S., University of Florida, Gainesville FL

Anna Ropp, PhD in psychology

Laura Stebbins, M.A., Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Perry IA

Anthony Luchonok, retired, Clearwater Florida

Philip Eidelson, Retired, Wynnewood PA

Mary-Morag Sutherland, PsyD, Evanston Illinois

Dorothy Ashman, M.A., Psychologist, Bloomsburg Pennsylvania

Gordon Fellman, PhD, sociologist, Brandeis University, Cambridge MA

Bhupendra Patel, Activist, tax preparer, Los Angeles CA

Philip Weber, Psy.D, West Chester PA

Gloria Levin, Ph.D., Community Psychologist, Society for Community Research and Action (Div 27, APA), Fellow, Glen Echo MD

Lamar Freed, Psy.D., Health Psychologist, Elkins Park PA

Amy Carrillo

Richard Amdur, Ph.D., Georgetown University, Washington DC

Caroline Lane, MA in Education, Retired teacher Bedford Public Schools, Kew Gardens Hills New York

Helen Madden, MA Psychology, Massey University, New Zealand, Auckland New Zealand

Marcia Wesley, Psychologist, Washington state psychological association, Woodinville WA

Suzie Cosh, M/Psych(Clin) PhD, university of adelaide, adelaide Australia

Tria Moore, PhD, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield UK

Linden Nelson, Ph.D., Past President, Psychologists for Social Responsibility; Professor Emeritus, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Cailifornia

Judy Nathanson, PhD in Psychology, PPA, Bala Cynwyd PA

Carol Jackson, Ph.D., low-income & special needs housing development, New York NY

Mark Sibicky, Professor of Psychology, Marietta College, Marietta Ohio

Etsuko Hoshino-Browne, Ph.D. in Psychology, Swarthmore College, Havertown Pennsylvania

Greg Shrader, Ph.D.- Clinical Psychology, American Psychological Association, Phoenix AZ

Susan E. Cross, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Iowa State University, Ames Iowa

Jessica Goodkind, PhD in Community Psychology, University of New Mexico Department of Pediatrics, Albuquerque New Mexico

Brooke Bennett-Day, PhD, Social Psychology, Wesleyan College, Macon Georgia

Shaheen Rana, M.A. Psychology, Atlanta GA

Kathleen Gallagher, Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, Bethlehem Pennsylvania

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