The Coalition for an Ethical Psychology is dedicated to putting psychology on a firm ethical foundation in support of social justice and human rights. The Coalition has been in the lead of efforts to remove psychologists from torture and abusive interrogations.

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Signers to the Call for Annulment of the APA's PENS Report


Individual Signers (Continued)

Note: Affiliations that appear below are for identification purposes only

David Burns, MD, Los Altos Hills California

Edward Zuckerman, PhD, Greensburg PA

Susan Streufert, Ph.D., NIH, Retired, North Potomac Maryland

Jack Wright, Ph.D., APA, APS, IPA, St. Ignatius, MT

Faith Gilroy, :Ph.D, Loyola University in Maryland (Emerita), Baltimore MD

Edward L. Fink, Ph.D., Sociology, University of Wisconsin, Professor of Communication; Distinguished Scholar-Teacher, University of Maryland, College Park, Silver Spring Maryland

Sally McCollum, PhD, licensed psychologist in private practice, Amer. Psychological Assn., Idaho Psy. Assn, Los Angeles Psych. Assn, Ketchum, Idaho

William Miller, MA Psychology, ex-CIA, Sisters OR

Maria Slowiaczek, Ph.D., Michigan Psychoanalytic Council, Ann Arbor MI

Rachel Rokach, PhD, senior supervising clinical psychologist, Jerusalem Israel

Mary Watkins, PhD, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara CA

Alan Levy, PhD, APA Full Member, Skokie Illinois

Steven Shapiro, PhD, Johns Hopkins Bayview Community Psychiatry Program, Baltimore MD

Demissie Abebe, Washington, DC DC

Mohammad Mansur, psychologist MA specialist in Trauma, municipality of nazareth, Nazareth Israel

Muncie Harper, MS in Psychology, Santa Rosa Calif.

Susan O'Malley, Ph.D., City University of New York, Brooklyn NY

Collete Hoglund, PhD, APA, Twin Falls ID

Jayne Gackenbach, PhD in psychology, Grant MacEwan University, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Julie Parsons, Ph.D., APA, Nampa Idaho

Jeffrey Malone, M.Ed., Ph.D. student, Walden University, Beaverton OR

Katie Gentile, PhD, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York City NJ

Susan Verry, Masters of Social Work, Washington

Marilyn Frankenstein, Professor, University of Massachusetts-Boston, Cambridge MA

Barry Stengel, Ph.D., Brooklyn, NY

Donald Brunnquell, PhD, Psychology, Ethics, St. Paul, MN

Barry Kissin, JD, Frederick, MD

Laura Borst

Jules Burstein, Ph.D., Private Practice, Berkeley, California

Christopher Harrison, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, APA Division 48, Atherton CA

Anne Mulvey, Ph.D. in Psychology, University of Massachusetts Lowell & the American Psychological Association, Newburyport MA

Duane Marcus, Master of landscape architecture, stone mountain United States

Rhona Weinstein, Ph.D. in Psychology, Professor of the Graduate School, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley California

Prachi Sharma, M.A. Clinical Psychology, Dayton Ohio

Fatima Ahmed Canada

William McConochie, Ph.D., Practicing psychologist, Testmaster, Inc., Eugene OR

Kathleen Rospenda, PhD, Psychology, Chicago IL

Bruce McBeath, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice, Red Wing Minnesota

Aura Diaz, Higher education institution Puerto Rico

Craig Brookins, University Professor, Raleigh NC

Molly McCallum, MA, Psychology & PhD Student, Psychology California

Michael Nagler, PhD, Tomales United States

Mazna Patka, Portland Oregon

Ann Mary Roberts, Willis Virginia

Karen Hanscom, PhD, APA Member, Hydes MD

Melinda Douglass, PsyD Clinical Psychology, San Francisco CA

William Nichols, EdD, ABPP in Clinical Psychology, APA Divisions 12 and 43, Retired, Athens, GA

Eileen Stenzel, Ph.D, Licensed counselor, Oak Lawn Illinois

Donna Coufal, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, APA, PPA, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Amy Carrillo

Carie Forden, Ph.D. in psychology, Clarion University, Oil City PA

James Kelly, PhD, Emeritus Professor University of Illinois at Chicago, Seattle Washington

Christopher Nettles, Arlington virginia

John Louks, PhD, Psychology, University of Minnesota, 1973, Veterans Administration, Medford Oregon

Laura Orgel, Ph.D., Psychologist, Portland OR

Bonnie Burstein, PhD Clinical Psychology, Saybrook University, Los Angeles California

Millie Fortier, Psychology PhD, IAAP, San Francisco California

Neahle Madden, R.N., retired, Santa Rosa CA

Stephen Adler Virginia

Peter Hockley, Senior Operating Department Practitioner/SRN/SR Psychiatric Nurse, Royal College of Nursing, Brighton UK

Morton Cohn, M.A., Artist, Berkeley CA.

David Sonneborn, PhD, Resarch and Teaching in Biology, Professor Emeritus of Biology; Volunteer Public Advocate with many progressive organizations, Orange California

Brian Flay, D.Phil., Oregon State University, Boise Idaho

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